New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory See where the journey takes you.

Australia’s most populous state New South Wales offer travellers a diverse range of experiences all within driving distance, train ride or short flight from its capital city Sydney and from Australia’s Capital Territory.

New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory have over 780 breath-taking national parks and reserves that the nature lover can explore. Visitors can sun themselves on golden beaches, meander through lush rainforests, dive into marine wonderlands, mountain climb through rugged bushland and discover the silence of New South Wales’s outback deserts.

Travellers can sample quality food and fine wine throughout all of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory’s regional centres. Gourmet local food, wine tasting from organic vineyards, cooking classes with produce found at local farmers markets, dining at award-winning restaurants, enjoying afternoon tea at a quaint cafe and this country experience would not be complete without a traditional pub lunch.

The more active traveller can enjoy hot-air ballooning, horse trekking, whale watching, snow skiing, surfing and boating on one of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory many lakes, rivers or bays. Don’t forget to look out for the native wildlife which give the keen eye plenty of photo opportunities, on land with our famous emu and kangaroos and on the ocean with migrating whales and playful dolphins.

Get out there and enjoy all that New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory have to offer.

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